All Fiction

In case I’m allowed to pick any super power from the super hero universe or the mangaverse, I already know what I’m going to pick. It’s neither super strength nor the ability to fly. It’s not even your own sealed beast inside. It’s the notorious ability from the manga series “Medaka Box”, called the “All Fiction” belonging to Kumagawa Misogi.

The user

So what’s the all fiction? To put it simply, it’s life’s ctrl+z. Yes, it’s the undo button. The all fiction is an ability to treat any event as if it has never happened in the first place. You got cut – use all fiction, your wound heals. Your friend got burned up – use all fiction and she got healed. You stab someone in the head with a gigantic screw, and guess what? All fiction will fix it for you. Heck, when you die all fiction will automatically activate and you’ll revive automatically. The most applicable ability when you live in a crazy city and sometimes you just want to beat up some jerks on the road without leaving any evidence.


2 thoughts on “All Fiction

  1. john smiterland

    Unfortunately, that comes with a curse. Kumagawa himself said that ‘It differs from your abnormality, that I have the worst outcome’. So, even if you think you’ll win, you’ll always lose. No matter how much the odds are in your favor, you’ll always lose. When the rules are clear, you’ll lose. When you play any game, act in any situation, you’ll always have the worst outcome

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