When we’re talking about Indonesia..

We should actually be clear about which part we’re talking about. If you say that you hate Indonesia, you must do a double check – whether you’re actually talking about the government, or the country as a whole. And if you say that you hate the country as a whole, it means that you hate Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources, beautiful sceneries, and everything.

And also, Jakarta is not Indonesia. I repeat, Jakarta is not Indonesia. For all of you Jakartans living in the megapolitan, you might think that whatever happens in Jakarta represents the face of Indonesia. From my perspective, Jakarta is a jumbled up mix of many different kinds of cultures. You take many different beautiful aspects of Indonesia, and you just mix them up without proper handling in one place. Sorta like how hamburger, pancakes, ice creams, and steaks all are delicious foods, but I dare you to drink a product of mixing them all together using a blender.

So that’s that. This post is intended to help me practice my english, because apparently I work in a place where grammar does not reach. Oh and I still hate how the government underappreciate scientists and researchers.


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