Ok, this is really-really stupid. This headline has been around for around few days, buat what the hell, this is enough for a long, long rant. Here’s the headline:

Gaji Peneliti Lebih Rendah, Menristek Bilang “Terima Sajalah”

Or in english

Researchers’ pay is lower, minister of research and technology said “just accept it”

Seriously, what? Dude, if you look at developed countries, they become like what they are right now because they put more effort and resources in the field of research. And our minister said “Just accept it”. Just accept it? God, if that’s what you’re saying then just accept the fact that Indonesia will forever become a target consumer market for other countries. From what I’ve seen, Indonesian culture is still based on consumption, not balanced by a good culture of productivity and innovation.

And you’re neglecting our R&D? How the heck are we supposed to start innovating if you’re abandoning one of the most important aspect in becoming a developed country? If people say that researchers who fled to other countries are traitors, then it’s because the Indonesian government betrayed them in the first place.


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