The oatmeal quest 1

We all know oatmeal is a very, very healthy food. It’s rich in fiber and eating it regularly will help you lose weight. But there’s catch: the regular oatmeal tastes really bland, and the texture is like mud. So, what would go along perfectly with a bowl of oatmeal? From now on, I’m dedicating a series of posts on how I’m eating my oatmeal. Yes, it’s that important. Whether you eat it sweet, salty, or spicy, all manners of eating oatmeal will be posted here.

So for starter: bakso! No pic attached yet, since I run out of oatmeals before actually thinking about taking a picture. Basically, some oatmeal is poured into a bakso kuah, creating a bubur bakso (OMG).

Overall: not bad! The taste of the bakso’s soup actually helps elminates the blandness of the oatmeal. However, in this case the amount of soup is a lot more compared to the oatmeal, so it’s really thin.

Stay tuned for more oatmeal-related food experiment.


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