A confession – the darker day of my life

I have to make a confession here in my blog. It’s about one of, if not the most, dark day of my life. Yes, I confess that actually, several years ago.. I went to the cinema and watched Twilight. And to make it worse, I actually watched it with the lads. Ouch.

The tale of the sparkly vegetarian vampire

Sorry about the poster above. Even I had to restrain myself from puking while searching for the poster image using google image search, and for the sake of all that is good, I tried to put it with minimum size in this post. So, how did it happen? Well, it was a couple of years ago, when the movie just hit the cinema. We just finished class and decided to watch something on the cinema. Having no idea of what movie we should watch, one of my friend – who is a girl – suggested Twilight. So how the heck did we boys, with a 4 to 1 ratio to the girls at the time, agreed to watch the movie? Few reasons:

  1. The whole twilight-bashing thing on the internet isn’t as intense as it is right now. So none of us actually know what the movie was all about…
  2. …except that vampires are involved! Now back at that time, we boys think that any movie that feature vampires will be packed with action scenes, and vampire-ey awesomeness: sucking blood, immortality, stylish fighting style, etc. etc.
  3. The movie hit studio 1 IIRC, indicating that it’s popular (in Indonesia the more popular movies is featured in studios with smaller numbers). So, crowd wisdom I guess?

Well truth to be told, I actually stumbled upon the Twilight novel some time before I watched the movie. I simply picked it up and read the synopsis at the back cover of the book. What I learned is that the book mainly revolves around a love story between a normal human and a vampire. Hmm, back at that time I thought that it would be something set in a Lord of the Ring-esque world – kinda like Eragon – but it revolves around a love story. Which is the main reason I put the book back down. You just don’t make love a main theme of an epic novel – love simply results from the epicness of the adventure inside. So there you have it Twilight book, back to your place at the shelf. Of course I haven’t read any online review about the novel back then, so..

Back at the cinema, the boys and I sat down and watched the movie, hoping for an action scene. Then some school scene. Then some teenage angst. Then some guy got killed – this actually get our hopes up. Then Edward is a vampire. Then he sparkles when exposed to sunlight. LOLwut? Then our hopes got down the drain for the rest of the movie.

So, my comments about the movie after I watched it? I became a frequent visitor of fuckyeahtwilightsucks.tumblr.com.


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