Books, books

Ok, so what’s the best part of reading a book? Is it the story? Is it the knowledge gained? Is it how the words are simply falling into the right place, linking with each other beautifully? Is it the amazing cover, so that it can sit prettily in the bookshelf? For me, all of them are true. But for me, my favorite part comes after reading the book. Right after closing that final page, a rush of loneliness came, just like when you have to part with a good friend who faithfully accompanied you for 1 week of your life. But after that comes the rush of inspiration. The ideas – powerful, powerful ideas – contained within the books have entered your mind and bent your mind. Now your mind can’t return to what it was, for a mind touched by ideas is forever changed. Then suddenly from those original ideas inside the book, ideas of your own come popping up. You can’t sleep a wink during the night because those ideas come haunting back at you, begging to be realized, to meet fruition. And even if you chose not to heed the pleads of those ideas, your mind has now expanded beyond what it was before. By looking into the world through the window of books, your horizon has now broadened, and you have steped into unfamiliar territories, even though only through your mind.

Which is why, I will continue reading. Whether it’s in the past, in the present, or even in the coming future,


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