It’s trust your gut feeling, and quantity is quality

Today’s TEDxJakarta just made my day. With some notable speakers – and even a surprise one at the end of the show – I just got a huge boost of wisdom and inspiration. Some of it are due to the sheer awesomeness of the speakers, and some of it are due to the fact that the idea proposed are just interesting and lovable.

However, there are two main ideas that are rather practical from this TED event, which come from Derek Sivers. Actually, he brought four main ideas, but I think that this time I’ll pick two of the most applicable ones.

First: trust your intuition. Although it might seem dumb at first for not thinking things through, trusting the first thing that pops in your head can actually be a sign of using your entire knowledge. Instead of overthinking things, sometimes your brain can simply goes on instant mode, where all of the accumulated knowledge inside your brain can be used to synthesize a certain solution. Of course this doesn’t come instantly, but instead it is built through experience. And now I know how some engineers can just fix things up simply by trusting their feelings.

The second thing, is tat quantity equals quality. While you can of course try to aim and create one masterpiece, it’s actually better to learn by experimenting with many things without much regards to how it turns out. By continuous experiment, we’re actually getting somewhere by reevaluating our methods – that is fixing mistakes and improving the parts that we think are good. And it’s rather doubtful that you can get exposed to this kind of progress over and over again if you’re too focused on creating a single masterpiece.

Well, I wrote this post without any intention of saying the other speakers have nothing important to say. But still, I think that everyone should hold on to these two advices should they feel the need to improve.


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