Why are you working?

Right now, I chose the company that I’m currently working at because of two things: First, it’s a major player in telco industry. Given its rapid expansion, I can learn a lot about the telecommunication industry’s strategy from this company. I have friends who are spread out all over the company in  all kinds of technical fields, and also in the sales department. I can, of course, always ask around from them to obtain bits by bits of information, and use it to advance my knowledge even further. The second part is related to my own technical capability as an engineer. Still related to the part that this company is expanding, there has been a steady flow of project coming in. This opens up an opportunity for me to go take a deep dive into practicing my knowledge in real-life projects with real challenge. Not only in the classroom where different kinds of telecommunication knowledges are tested only by pen and paper.

And what are all this for? I have some dream in the future, but too bad I’m not sharing it right now since it’s not crisp enough to be shared. But here’s what I want to sum up. Right now, I’m not working for the money. I’m working purely for the sake of knowledge, experience, and personal development. Well, this is the main advantage of not having your own family, you can work without having to care about the money. But I’ve actually seen people who actually put too much care into salary. From several conversations, there have been instances like this

“Yeah, if I get the chance, I’d rather work at X because of the salary”

“Well it would be nice if we get more projects. We’ll get more reward.”

“I would like to work at X because it gives me a secure future”

And so on. Well I won’t say that it’s wrong. Of course it’s natural for people to seek comfort by choosing a place that would provide it. But still, I think it’s not quite a good idea to solely choose a company because it guarantees a secure future or a higher salary. Quoting from what Yoris said in his book Creative Junkies, it’s best to choose a company where you can develop yourself – in his case, it’s on the creative side since he’s writing a book about creativity. In my case, in engineering, it’s about technical skills, project management, and the overall knowledge of the telecommunication industry. Remember that a company who’s looks good right now might end up falling apart tomorrow, and when this happens all that’s left is your quality as an individual. And what about dreams?

Oh, and I’m also working because of my passion in the field of telecommunication. I’m working because I like it. I know that some people say that you might end up working in a different field from your study, but I end up with a job as a telecommunication engineer simply because I love this field of work. I’m holding on to my pride as an engineer. And I know that this mindset will save me from piling up stress.

And hope I can keep working without having to put money as my top priority.


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