Interfacing your brain and your writing

Well, what’s the most difficult part of writing? I say, structuring your idea into concrete writing with a well defined structure. That’s it. I’m pretty sure most people have a brilliant mind with a sea full of ideas swimming around. But then again, putting this whole thing into writing is still a difficult task to do.

And it’s even more difficult when I’m writing in English, since for the most part I’m still thinking in my head using Indonesian. This introduces additional processing in my head, where I need to translate what I’m thinking into english before writing it down. Normal writing is challenging enough, but add translating and you have even less brain processing resources that you can use to do your writing.

So what’s the solution? Practice. That’s all the advice that I can give. If you’re still struggling with a certain language, do it over and over again until it’s native. And as for how your writing should reflect your idea as a whole, you should also do the same. Practice. Practice until every single idea that pops in your head can be woven into paragraphs. So that your fingers and your brain work in unison. So that in the end, your brain is fully coupled with the computer monitor in front of you, that every word, every sentence, every paragraph reflects what’s in your mind.


And this is a filler post


One thought on “Interfacing your brain and your writing

  1. Agree to that. The most efficient way learning something “strange” with us is by doing it over and over trying to familiarize yourself with that.

    By the way, I really like your diction. It’s really brilliant and awesome.

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