Our messy KP system

It’s been almost a year since my KP slash internship ended. Now that I look back, the KP system for telecommunication engineering students were really messy. The lucky students get to experience real working experience, and in some case even get paid for it. The unlucky ones, on the other hand.. Well they’re responsible for the sudden spike in the number of facebook posts, tweets, and mails in the mailing lists.

Taking a sample of my own experience, I landed an internship at a fixed switching center. Problem is, I don’t know a thing about core network – funny how ITB’s telecommunication engineering claims to prepare student for telco industry while our knowledge about core network is really abysmal. At least my internship still has something to do with real telco work. On the other hand, I actually found out that some of my friend actually end up writing labels for equipment’s cables, and some does work that’s not even related to telco. The scoring system is just as bad. It was pretty much binary, where submitting reports give you an A (not the case with the following semester though. They have presentations and stuffs).

My suggestion? ITB’s telecommunication engineering should really start to do partnerships with companies who work in the telecommunication industry. The companies involved will have to ensure that they will take certain number of students for interships, and provide a clearcurriculum regarding what the students might do during their internships there. This way, ITB can make sure that what their students do during their internship is actually related to what’s being taught at school. Also, a clear curriculum will have a better guarantee in providing real working experience for the internees.

Right now, telecommunication engineering’s already started to work together with several companies by providing  several labs in Labtek VIII. Why not go further and do partnership in internship? Two months is too long a period to be wasted.


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