As big as your brain cell

As we all know, ideas are important. Yes, they are truly important. Many things begin with a single idea, just like how fireworks are ignited from a single small spark. Even Einstein stress on how important imagination is.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply stop at having a good idea. Dreams and ideas are nice to have. However, no matter how big or how wonderful the idea that you have, if you leave it as it is without doing anything to achieve it, then your idea is pretty much only as big as the brain cell that it resides on. This is one of the main reason that I’m writing on this blog. Everytime I have a new idea, I at least try to share it via this blog so that it doesn’t simply die out on its own.

And idea must, at the very least, be spread and passed on to other people so that it might continue to grow and inspire other people. To have an idea come true would be very nice indeed, but you should try to make your idea grow further, at least bigger than your brain cell.


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