It’s tearing me apart

Ok, just a very random post, typed in here simply to keep my english speaking ability in check. Yes, my english is slowly but surely losing its touch, getting peeled away minute by minute. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say that it’s… related to your environment.

Being inside an environment where the accuracy, composition, and grammar used in english is not a major factor will automatically result in getting exposed to “as-long-as-you-understand” english. Well, let’s just say that as long as the person who you’re trying to communicate with understands your english, you can toss your grammar out of the window.

Are you saying that I’m a grammar Nazi for complaining too much? well, I can say that it’s pretty much the same as saying that we should just eat rice, meat, and veggies without any seasoning, and also drink tap water everytime since that would be just enough to keep us alive and well. No, seriously, I don’t want that. And I’m eating sambel even if that would result in me making round trips to the restrooms every now and then.

Hmm, okay, so right now I’ll just try to write in english for all of the upcoming blog post in this blog. Yes, as an addition to my 30-days-nonstop blogging rule, I’m layering “everything in english” on top of the rule. Hope this at least keep my english writing skills alive, so that when I finally enrol in an university overseas they won’t accuse me for making up my IBT writing score.


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