Simple perspective issue

Hi again, this time it’s just a filler post so that I can still keep up with my 30-days goal: to blog everyday for a month. Hmm, actually, before I set my goal I tend to write in this blog sporadically. Sometimes I post a bunch of writings and then went on a hiatus for a few weeks. Well, hopefully my 30-days goal will help me to do routine blogging, and I’m trying to keep it simple so that it sticks.

Actually, one of my problem when blogging is because I’m using a 1080p monitor. Which means that it’s wide. Is that a problem? Weell, actually when you’re using a wide monitor, texts don’t get wrapped because the text can span across the screen. Which means that even if I’m writing an entire paragraph, it only appears as two lines of text on my monitor. This discourages me from writing because I felt that I only wrote a small amount of text.

Well, thankfully I realize that we can simply switch to full screen mode, and our post will appear as it is. Meaning that it appears just like how it’s going to appear when you post it. Now, this really helps and motivates me because now I know that when I’m writing, I actually write a whole paragraph, not just one or two lines of text. By simply switching my POV, I can get motivated. Sure, this is simply an example taken from this blog, but hey isn’t everything in life is simply a matter of perspective?

That’s all for today, tha-tha


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