Interview tips if you’re a fresh grad

Although I can’t say that I’ve been to that many interviews, I already have a grasp about the general questions that might be posed during interviews for fresh grads applying in a company. I won’t disclose any questions specific to the company in this writing, but I’ll give the common questions that might come out during the interview. The tips given below are for CV-based questions.

Tell me more about yourself

Usually interviews start with this one. In my case, I usually start with my study background in ITB, my general interest, and how everything I said before is related to how I’m interested in this company and how it will help me in this company.

What is your strong point?

Another general question. Try to pick one that might be related to the position that you’re applying, and prepare one event where you demonstrated your strong point. Remember that bluffing without any solid evidence won’t work.

What is your weak point?

Pretty much the same as the above, but don’t pick up random weakness that might seem irrelevant, such as “I’m having trouble waking up in the morning”. Try to pick another one that might be related to the position, and as an addition this time you must explain how you’re trying to improve.

We’ve looked at your CV. Which activity interest you the most and why?

This is a general CV based question. You can pick any, but you must be able to explain the reason behind it in such way that it will impress your interviewer. For me, I picked the time when I participated in PSTK ITB since it gives me a whole new chance to participate in a cultural group, where I never imagined I would do as an engineer.


The interviewer might ask you about your GPA, either because it’s high or because it’s near the cutoff point. Well, how you answer is entirely up to you. But make sure you don’t seem to regret anything about your GPA (if it’s high say that you don’t neglect extracurricular, and if it’s low say that it’s because your focus is in extracurricular). In my case where the interviewer asked about my GPA, I answered that at the start of the semester I simply put the maximum GPA as the target, but during the semester I simply focused on enjoying my study – a good process gives good result.

What do you know about our company?

A homework for you

Why should we choose you for our company?

Emphasize all your strong point so far, and relate to the position you’re applying

Although all the qestions above might come out, and you’ve prepared the answer for all of them, there is one final tip that I should give, based on experience: be happy! Interviewers meet you because they also want to assess your personality and communication skills. Trust me, when you’re being interviewed in a happy state, you’ll be able to answer questions fluently and the interviewers will also get a good impression of your personality. I once attended an interview nervous, and it didn’t go well. On the other hand, I once attended an interview late, running towards the interview site. With such conditions, I came with the mindset of nothing to lose and did the interview without any weight on my mind. It was a success.

Hope this helps


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