For those who know me, they should know that I actually have a really bad sense of direction. Even for the simplest of directions, sometimes I still get lost easily, which is why I heavily rely on the GPS and map functionality built into my cell phone. Well, actually the fact that I get lost easily grows into something like ‘I’m afraid of getting lost’. Well, at least getting lost alone during the night anyway.

If I got lost during the day, or with someone else, I don’t really freak out that much since I know that the day is relatively safer than the night, and if there’s someone else getting lost with me I can work together with him/her to figure out the way yo get to our destination correctly – which is why I’m perfectly calm during the hiking trip to mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Bu~t, last night I actually got lost alone in the night (or evening, since it’s still 8 PM) primarily caused by simply not taking a u turn where I should. After realizing that I’m actually heading to Priok instead of Jakarta, I freaked out and get off the highway as soon as possible. Not knowing where to go, I desperately punched the google map icon and prayed that the GPS locked on quickly so that I know where the hell am I currently.

The bad things that happened:

  1. The GPS took a while to lock on, and had me praying to God during the lock-on duration which feels like it took forever – although it’s actually less than 5 min
  2. The data connection didn’t work (damn u axis) which means that updating my map is impossible, and I can’t download directions.

Well, eventually, half freaking out I asked the people around how to get into the highway, and eventually worked my way home. Phew. But, from this I learned that I have a fear of getting lost which after I searched around the internet actually has a name: Mazeophobia, where people are afraid of getting lost in unfamiliar area. Well, in my case it doesn’t develop bad enough into a phobia, but it’s enough to stop me from exploring parts of the city on my own without having a friend around.

From this point, I promise myself I’m always going to have NDrive ready by my side next time I go out.


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