Cruel Words

I think one of the cruelest phrase is “All humans are created equal”. From this statement springs forth many systems that are based on “equality”.

I can easily name one of the system closest to me, the so-called “one size fits all” education. An education system where each students are compelled to follow everything taught in classes without regarding every single individual’s learning speed, leraning habit, or maybe talents and interests. Thus, students whose talents are compatible with the system can easily go along and regarded as genius, while students who are not as quick will lag behind the class and be branded as “slow learners”. In reality, this is not really the case. It’s just that different people requires different methods and time to learn.

Another example is that because all humans are supposed to be equal, those who decided to be different from the rest of society – being unequal – is simply shunned. If you have a unique way of thinking, then you are acting unequal and therefore you are a threat to society. If you dress differently from the whole world, then you are defying the rules laid down by society.

And I’m not going to deny that sometimes I even judge others based on this idea. Since all humans are supposed to be equal, I decided that other people must also behave and think like I do. This results in me judging other people based on my thinking frame, deeming them as ‘weird’ or ‘annoying’ simply because the values that they have are different from mine. Look around you, and you can easily see how ironic it is that discrimination is a result from the idea that people are supposed to be equal.

Screw this. We are not equal, each of us is a unique and different snowflake. Even God has said that He created us differently so that we learn about each other. Cheers to our uniqueness.


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