I think this is just an April Mop joke, but I’m wishing from the bottom of my heart that this is true

Just this morning, I found a tweet by infobeasiswa, a twitter account specializing in sharing information about scholarships, thar reads like this:

@BeasiswaIndo: WOW, Gedung DPR BATAL DIBANGUN, uangnya disalurkan buat beasiswa & pembangunan sekolah didesa tertinggal!

Well ok, although at first I got really excited about the idea, I realized that today is April 1st. Yes, this is something that is too good to be true. For your information, the DPR building project costs around 1 Trillion Rupiahs, with each member’s room costing around 800 million Rupiahs (source). No, seriously it’s not like the current members of DPR don’t have an existing building. So, why the heck are they spending so much money on a new building, if the current one is still functional? They even raised some issues that the current building is more tilted that the Pisa tower in Italy. Seriously, what?

Imagine if the money can just be allocated instead for student scholarship and development of education in rural areas, it would greatly help the future of this country. I’ve heard stories from my friends who are involved in the Palapa Project that even here in the Java island, there are several remote villages that can hardly access mandatory education.This is a direct example on how our education infrastructure still need a lot of funding to improve. As we all know, education is one of the best investment for the future, and it has been proven that countries that invest a lot on development of technologies stands above other countries who don’t. Yes, investing so much in education is guaranteed to give high return in the future.

But investing the money for building a new, expensive building for people who only seems to be sleeping during meetings and bicker all the time? Not sure how it would help our future.


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