A gadget I placed on my desktop says that it’s 60 days until I need to submit the draft for my final project. Weeellll, too bad I still can’t see the complete form of my final project. Uh, no not exactly, but I’m still not sure what’s the final outcome of this project is, project is. And whether I’m doing it right or not -____-.

So, what exactly is my final project? While some of my friends are doing the usual telecommunication stuffs – LTE, programming, antenna designs – I decided to do entirely something else: do signal processing for a cloud profiling radar! Huh, and I don’t even have any background in remote sensing. Never took any of the classes available. But I took it anyway, and with only 60 days left, it’s a do or die situation. Well, it’s not that I’m not having fun doing and learning about something entirely new, but I couldn’t help but think about what would my final project be had I taken something like antenna design instead. Well, pretty sure I’d just laze around the assistant lounge, waiting for my simulation to finish :p.

Oh and back to my final project, it pretty much goes like this:

  1. I’m using a radar to transmit a continuous, frequency modulated sinusoidal wave up to the clouds
  2. I get echoes back from the cloud, corresponding to backscattered signal energy
  3. I do a fourier transform on a single sweep, thus obtaining the corresponding information about the range of the scatterer
  4. I do a discrete fourier transform on 512 sweep, obtaining the phase shift called the doppler spectrum
  5. I process the doppler spectrum, obtaining the reflectivity, doppler velocity, and doppler spectrum width

And finally, I get this picture


The above picture is the reflectivity profile of a cloud. Oh BTW, currently I am using raw data from the TARA radar system in the Netherlands. In the future, there will be actual data acquisition for the clouds in Bandung. Whew, I hope I get to finish this thing on time.


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