Yep, I’m back and writing again after a while. Well, mainly because some of my friends actually stumbled upon my blog and said that it’s good. Which made me somewhat happy :”>

Haha well, for the time being I’m acting the role of a kordas for the microwave and radio telecommunication laboratory(LTRGM). Kordas is koordinator asisten in Indonesian, don’t know the equivalent english term. Lab assistant coordinator? Always makes me wonder everytime I need to write a CV. Anyway, there are three main lab assignments in LTRGM, which are communication systems 2, communication electronics and microwaves, and lastly but not least, antennas and wave propagation. Anywho, this sure takes me back to a year ago. All those hellish days of doing my pre-lab assignment and lab reports. And now I’m acting as the guy who gives those assignments to my underclassmen.

A pre-lab assignment is going to be released on Thursday this week, with each of the lab module containing roughly 10 questions. Since there are 5 modules, there would be 50 questions in total for LTRGM alone. Including the pre-lab from the telematics laboratory, a total of 70 questions will be given. Oh and don’t worry, there’s going to be matlab scripts and smith charts involved, I assure you >:). So, while 2008 is busy with the pre-lab during the weekend, what should I do? A dip in a hot spring sounds nice.

May the force be with you, 2008


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