When You Need to Write a 2000 words Essay

Just recently, I was required to write a 2000-words essay as part of the requirements to enter TU Delft. The essay pretty much covers my motivation in studying overseas specifically in the Netherlands and why I’m trying to study in the particular Msc program of my choice.

Well, from my experience writing a 2000-words motivational essay is not an easy task. Even though you probably already said everything that you wanted to say, you might still have a 300-500 words gap between your writing and the minimum words required. Therefore, here are some tips that you can try to fill the minimum quota of 2000 words.

Structure your essay. This tip is fairly common, but from what I’ve experienced it will help you in developing your essay. By having a clear structure of how you want your essay to be, you’ll have better chance in avoiding the infamous writer’s block caused by unstructured thinking. By knowing the layout and frame of your essay, you also have less risk of a jumbled essay where the idea does not flow smoothly from the beginning to the end.

Use I am instead of I’m, etc. A rather cheap trick where certain single words can be turned into two words. However, it does help a bit and you should only use this method during the finishing stage of your essay with only few words remaining. Also, by writing it separately, it gives your essay a nicer touch as a formal essay.

Turn off the word count. By keeping your eyes on the word count everytime you type, you’re facing the risk of writing for fulfilling the minimum word quota at the expense of quality. Try turning the word count off, and only look at it again after you finish writing the main ideas of your essay. Even when finishing up, only look at it again after you write a fair amount of text.

No deadliner. One of the key in writing a good, coherent essay is by writing with a clear mind. Creating essay under heavy pressure won’t do you any good. Not only you won’t enjoy the whole writing process, but you’re also bound to encounter several situations where the ideas in your head just disappear into thin air.

Be an editor only after you finish your essay. Most often you’ll run into a situation where after you write a single sentence, you feel that it can be better, erase it, and rewrite it. Although it’s good to correct small mistakes earlier, it will slow you down considerably when writing a long essay. Edit and proofread your work when you finish. This way, it’s easier to see whether the sentences fit nicely with each others, and whether the whole essay flows smoothly.


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