Moral of the story?

Just a random idea that happened to pass me by today. I think most of us already know about the story about the tortoise and the hare, where both of them raced. In this story, the hare took a nap just right before the finish line after leaving the tortoise far behind, feeling so sure that there’s no way that the tortoise can overtake him. However, in the end because the tortoise kept on walking as hard as possible, he ended up winning the whole race.

Actually, there is a similar folk tale here in Indonesia, regarding kancil (a type of deer) and a snail. The setting’s quite similar, with both of them eventually raced it out. The ending’s pretty similar, too, with the snail winning the race. However, there’s a fundamental difference in this one. In this story, the snail won by working together with his friends. Since all snails look similar, he placed his friends at several checkpoints, tricking the kancil into believing that the snail’s always ahead of him.

The moral of the story? Well, in both cases the tortoise and the snail are faced with a seemingly impossible task, that is winning a race as one of the world’s slowest animals. However, the tortoise managed to accomplish the task by working really hard and being persistent towards the end. In the snail case.. well, he won by cheating. Even though he’s heavily handicapped, being handicapped doesn’t justify cheating, IMO.

What I’m trying to say? Well hopefully this doesn’t mean that Indonesians think that cheating is okay as long as you’re trying to reach your goals.


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