Junk that I made

Regarding AMSTECS this year, now I’m unsure whether I’m even supposed to attend this event or not. The paper I wrote was something that was way below my own standard. Way below. The abstract itself was just something that I wrote in the spur of a moment, without even consulting with any of my professors.

When I tell someone about the content of my paper, he said “that is so simple, lucky you”. When I’m asked about the innovation that I wrote in my paper, I was not sure how to answer. The review by the AMSTECS committee gave such an unsatisfactory score. There isn’t even a single experimental result. This isn’t something that should be presented on the level of international conference. It’s true that I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but not because I want to present a rubbish paper selected as a fill-in because there’s just not enough paper submitted to fill the time slot on the conference. Now, everytime i see that half-assed paper, I feel like throwing it away.

It’s better to give the time and resource to other people who did a better job doing their research. I wish I had simply submitted my undergraduate thesis instead. Then, I wouldn’t have regretted this deeply.


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