Proxlet: in case your twitter timeline gets a little crowded

Well we have to admit it. Sometimes, there are twitter users that flood our timeline with stuffs irrelevant to us that we just got sick of said user and decided to unfollow them. However, maybe we only want to mute them temporarily, not unfollowing them permanently just in case they realize the errors in their way and decided to go the right way. This is where proxlet comes in. Proxlet is a twitter proxy that you can use to mute users/applications that you deem unworthy to be on your twitter timeline. How to use it? simply go to proxlet’s website and let the application access your twitter account. Proxlet can also work on twitter clients that support custom APIs, such as tweetdeck or seesmic for android. There, you can decide to block certain users for the duration of 1 day/1 week/forever, or maybe block the twitter client that they are using to send their tweet to the internet.

Ideal for blocking:

  1. RT abusers who for some reason never learn the difference between reply and retweet
  2. People who are in galau mode, but will return to normal later
  3. Fangirls who must tweet something about their idol once every single minute
  4. Apps which are linked to twitter, but considered as a source of annoyance to you such as foursquare
  5. Lonely people whose tweets never seem to be related to any other users

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