What’s your typical boring day?

While not all of us wants to admit it, vacation can sometimes be, well, boring. The fact that all of your daily routine during college get stripped away from you sometimes leave you vulnerable to the awful feeling of boredom. And we all know that boredom is a sin, because that means you’re not doing anything productive.
Well, putting the sin part aside for a while, what’s your typical boring vacation day? I’m talking about the day when you simply stay at home and do pretty much nothing. For me, it’s:
1. Wake up at around 9 AM
2. Surf the net
3. Play with my dog
4. Eat
Then you repeat no.2 to 4 until you go to bed. Mind you, I don’t do this everyday during my vacation, since I’m trying to slip in more productive activities in between no. 2 to 4. So what about you?


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