The Mighty Hoax

On the internet, rumors have been circulating about how Facebook will end on March 15th. The reason? Mark Zuckerberg got stressed out from managing the site and decided to close it down for good. When I first heard this, I went like “LOLwut?”. Yeah, that just sounds too silly. If the rumor is that Zuckerberg got stressed out and decided to sell Facebook to someone else, it’s still plausible. But shutting it down?

The bad news is, a lot of people actually believed this thing, and started to rant on social networkings everywhere. Within a day, I can find a bunch of tweets which are essentially people whining about facebook shutting down. Ok, to get this clear, the whole thing was started by a website called Weekly World News. Here’s a screenshot of the facebook article I took myself:

Yeah, this is a screenshot of the actual web page. You can see the article in question in the middle of the picture. And on the right, you can see headlines such as “Scientists clone dinosaur!”, “Alien spaceships to attack earth in 2011”, and “X-files to go gay”. There’s even an article about George Clooney trying to run as president recently. Got the idea? Yes, this website is a website specialized in silly stories and hoaxes. Sadly, people believed what’s written here without checking whether the information they obtained is a fact or not. Fueled by social media, the hoax spread like wildfire through the net. If i remember correctly, it even made its way to national TV.

This is why, I kept the attitude of skepticism on the net. Whenever I caught wind of some strange news, I did a little research on it to determine whether it’s true or not before finally believing it. And that’s what everyone should do, too! Just because some information pop up on the net, it doesn’t mean that you can believe it straight away like that. Good thing this time it’s just some harmless info like Facebook shutting down. But on the more serious level, it can mean phishing, malwares, and even compromising your important account. Yes, be cautious, even on the internet.


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