Does Blocking Blackberry Services Means Blocking P0rn?

Recently, on the twitter space people are talking about how the ministry of communication is planning to block RIM for not filtering porn content. The base for this action is law regarding online transaction and pornography. Well ok, so the government is planning to prevent people from accessing porn conten by stamping out RIM from Indonesa. I’m not in disagreement for the government trying to prevent people from accesing porn, but doing so by shutting down blackberry services?

Ok, I’m not a blackberry fanboy – I’m an android user – so I’m not writing this down in the context of defending blackberry. And also, this writing is not about the deal the government had with RIM. But I’m just commenting that the government is being lazy by putting RIM as a scapegoat. Seriously, it’s not like blocking blackberry will have any significant impact on combating inappropriate content. While some people *might* actually use their blackberry handset to access pr0n- although why people would want to see those on those small screen still makes me wonder – it’s just a small fraction of the total population.

Let’s face the facts. There’s a total of 2 million Blackberry users in Indonesia. If the government is trying to prevent porn by blocking Blackberry Services, does this mean that the number of pr0n access would go down by 2 million? Naaah. The BB is simply a media used to access such content. Even if they block BB services, there’s still like tons of other ways to access internet to get by the restriction set by the government. Internet access is something that can be found almost everywhere nowadays. Heck, by walking just a little bit I can stumble upon one or two internet cafes near my house.

What I’m really trying to say is that the government isn’t actually targetting the root of the problem. Yep, the root of the problem is actually the mentality of the internet users. No matter how the government is trying to regulate the internet, as long as the user mentality is the same, people will still use the internet for inappropriate content. Instead of trying to block internet access to certain sites, the government should invest in educating people on ‘healthy internet usage’.  Yes, it’s something that takes a while before it’s starting to take effect. But in the long run, it will be a lot more effective and efficient compared to blocking sites which only works in a while before people starts to discover ways to getaround restrictions.

It’s also a good idea to start investing in content development. Don’t really know if this will really work, but my hypotheses is that when you have some good contents to access as alternatives, you’ll eventually opt out from accessing pornographic materials. Hey, I actually spend hours playing armorgames without thinking about opening any explicit materials!

So, it’s up to the government. Will they choose the easy way without yielding any result, or will they choose the option that will benefit in the long run?


4 thoughts on “Does Blocking Blackberry Services Means Blocking P0rn?

  1. from what I’ve heard, The government actually have meny reason regard this topic:
    1. They want RIM have their branch company in Indonesia, though i don’t rally understand what is it mean. The major force of the reason, stated by Mr. Tifatul Sembiring is the user of Blackberry smart phone in Indonesia has reached 2 Million user. So, our citizen has any right to have their problem handled directly by the RIM in Indonesia, regarding any problem related to the Blackberry

    2. The Government ask RIM to also accelerate the usage of content made by Indonesian people

    3. The Government wants RIM to employed Indonesian citizen if they open their branch in Indonesia

    I found it in hehehe…

  2. Let’s see if the government will block the blackberry services. I think that this issue will end like the economy train ticket price case. 😀

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