About Borrowing

Borrowing things from other people is perfectly natural, especially if the item requested is something that you really need. People borrowing stuffs from us is also natural, for the same reason as why we borrow stuffs from other people. However, as far as I know, here are the steps you need to take before you borrow things from someone else.

  1. Ask for permission
  2. Borrow the item for some period of time
  3. Return the item

Too bad some people just skip right away to step 2 without doing step 1. And sometimes they don’t even go all the way to step 3. Yes, this post is targeted to those people who borrow stuffs without permission. I’m talking about you, mas-mas kosan who borrowed my helmet without permission, and some guy I don’t know who borrowed my scissors which I left at the kitchen counter and hasn’t returned it yet. FYI, it gave me quite some trouble, so thanks a lot #sarcasm


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