Schuimpjes, Schuimpjes

Well probably not all of you have already heard about this snack before. To put it short, a schuimpjes is a snack originated from the netherlands. It has a crispy texture (provided you get it soon as it finished baking), a  sweet taste, and melts when you put it in your mouth. It’s a pretty good snack, although I’d recommend against eating too many of it since it actually tastes really sweet.

The schuimpjes I bought

The schuimpjes story started a few days ago when I decided to bought a nasi tumpeng (heck, I don’t know what to call this in english) since I haven’t treated anyone for my success at the project with postel. At Citra Sari, where we bought the nasi tumpeng, some colorful cakes caught my eyes – by the time you read this you should realize that those were the schuimpjes. Since those were rather cheap – only 1000 Rupiahs for the small ones and 1500 Rupiahs for the bigger ones – I decided to buy 4 of them.

Back at HME, I gave one to my girlfriend, who decided to share it with her friends. It ended up being rated as something ‘utterly delicious’ by the girls and they asked me where to buy it. A~nd since the only thing I remembered is the name of the store, I promised my girlfriend that I’d buy it again later.

So, today we eventually went to buy it at Citra Sari. Actually this is kinda unintentional since our main goal was to buy some macaroon at the Bawean cake store. But on our way there, I got flashbacks and was able to recall where the store was. So there you have it, my girlfriend actually bought one box of it. And it’s really good – provided you don’t have any problem with diabetes.

As for where to buy it, you can buy it at Citra Sari, which is located at Jalan Soka, Bandung. I’ll just paste some picture I take from google maps here and leave the rest of the direction for you to figure out.

It’s around the A mark.


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