Uhhh okay, I’m not really whose idea this is anyway… But just around 2 hours ago, me and my friends were watching the infamous Indonesian boyband. Yes, I’m talking about SM*SH here. To really understand how all of this come to be, we should actually go back a few months ago this year. Lately, as part of their anniversaries, student unions started holding events related to their field of studies. Well, as you know, people are starting to get the idea that the success of an event is related to how many students actually come to their event. Based on this idea, students started making the closing part of their event not unlike those of band festivals and the like. Which means that they invited bands, and even famous celebrities to actually attract people.

Moving on, recently the student union of Oceanographic studies held an event. And guess what, they invited SM*SH. Oh, and for those who didn’t know who or what SM*SH is, go google it. Apparently, the images of them I found on the web are too.. revolting to be posted here. So, after escaping from the Ludruk show at around 9 PM, me and my friends went to the basketball court, where the event involving this boyband is being held. What I found there was even more shocking: the basketball court is actually packed with so many people. From what I’ve observed, there may be even more people than when Sherina performed during one of the previous events. Either this means: a) ITB students have a thing for boybands, or b) They just love trolling. I’m going for b, BTW.

Either way, SM*SH performed in front of us, and me and my GF can’t help but laugh, seeing their dancing style and the lyrics they sang –with an entry level voice at that. Students around us sang along with them during the “I heart you” song. Again, this is either because they love the song, or they simply love to troll. From the deepest part of my heart, I’m hoping that it’s because of the latter. Later, show’s over, there were some fireworks, and we went home.

Moral of the story? You don’t really need to invite talented musicians to gather the crowds. Actually, just invite someone who’s in the spotlight at the moment. Yeah, I actually think that if my student union invited either SM*SH or Fransoa who rose to popularity during that time (and died out pretty quicly, too) during our latest event, our venue would be jam packed. It’s all about reading the trend I think.


2 thoughts on “SM*SH. At ITB. WTF?

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