The Bandung Food Hit-list Project

OK, thank God that now I have a girlfriend with the same hobby as mine: go dine outside and explore the city of Bandung. Sooo, for the best of our interest, we’ve decided to actually create a hit-list. Yeah, we’re making a hit-list of Bandung’s restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other food spots. Considering that we’re about to (hopefully) graduate within 8 months, it’s just something that we need to do no matter what before we actually leave Bandung. So, within the limited time that we have, and armed with the website, I decided to write down these spots:

  1. Roemah kopi
  2. Bakso kaget
  3. Mie Joyo
  4. Resep Moyang
  5. Warung baso Lela
  6. Cabe Rawit
  7. Kopi Ireng
  8. Green Café
  9. Cizz
  10. Potluck ß done!
  11. Red’s dipo
  12. Kongkow
  13. Brussel’s spring
  14. Mc Darmo
  15. Roemah Nenek
  16. Kopi Progo
  17. D’waroeng

Soo, hoping that we have enough time (and funding) to hit all those spots we decided to do this as soon as possible. Our little project here commenced just tonight, after we went to Potluck without any plans whatsoever. Wish us luck for the remaining spots 😀


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