Wall Street – Uhh, what was this movie all about again?

Last night, due to some impulsive urge, me and my GF ended up watching movie at Ciwalk without any plans whatsoever. Ultimately, our choice comes down to two movies: the first being “Madame X”, an Indonesian comedy film which stars many top notch actors and actresses. The second one, is Wall Street. Actually, when we were trying to make our decision, we’ve been warned by both IMDB and rotten tomatoes: Wall street only got 50-60 out of 100.

Ehh, but thinking that we should just watch Hollywood movies instead of Indonesian ones when we’re given the chance, we ended up watching Wall Street. OK, the movie itself was.. meh.. actually I didn’t even get what it was all about. It’s like somebody read a book on stock markets and macroeconomics, and decided to turn it into a movie.

Apparently, this movie is a sequel to a previous wall street. The full name of this movie is “Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps”. Soo, things that in other movies would turn into family feuds, lots of backstabbing, fights between the good guys and bad guys etc. manifest themselves in this movie as… a battle of buying and selling stocks, wiring money, and spreading market rumors. Damn. OK, this movie lost me at around 1 hour, and I ended up checking my watch every few minutes, hoping that this movie ends soon. Even when the movie had ended, I still didn’t get any idea what was the plot and crisis presented in this movie. Huh..

Advice: Unless you’re majoring in economics or have at least some knowledge in stock markets, don’t watch this, especially with your gf


2 thoughts on “Wall Street – Uhh, what was this movie all about again?

  1. arres

    ah, masalah keuangannya cuma jadi background untuk drama balas dendam dan romance-nya -_-
    tapi gw pengen sih punya dosen kayak Gordon Gekko 😀

    1. haha iya kali ya? Tapi biar sebagai background kayak istilah teknisnya banyak banget -_-. Tar buat nyaingin gw bikin drama tentang pengkhianatan tapi bolak-balik nyinggung istilah teknis tentang propagasi gelombang

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