The Die is Cast

– in case you didn’t know, die is the singular form of dice 😛

OK, so I’ve finally finished this semester. Truth to be told, I’m actually prepared for a drop in my GPA due to the legendary lecture called antenna and wave propagation, which is why I’ve been preparing by piling up my GPA for the last 5 semesters =3=. OK, this afternoon was the last of the final exams, which is Teletraffic Engineering. Oh and since I’m only aiming for a score of 50, I was like ‘oh whatever let’s just write whatever appears in my mind =_=.

For a quick recap of this semester lectures:

1. Antenna and wave propagation. The legendary telecommunication engineering lecture, it’s rumored to be so difficult that some people actually started calling it Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 18. The name itself is pretty self-explanetory, you study about antennas, and how electromagnetic wave propagates. Then you get slaughtered by quizzes with answers that’s supposed to be correct up to 3 digit decimals. Well, actually it’s NOT that difficult if you simply practiced by using last semester’s sample problems (thanks to Giri Kuncoro) and mindlessly memorizing some ‘Fun facts’ about antennas and wave propagation (thanks to Karlisa, and later Nisa and Ira). Due to some stroke of luck, I end up with the legendary lecturer His Highness Mr. Herman Judawisastra, who apparently taught everyone in the telecommunication engineering department. Even the mention of his name can make an alumni smile nostalgically. Whee. Oh and I actually managed to beat this one :p

2. Communication and Microwave Electronics. Supposed to be an interesting subject, but since one of the lecturers actually has a habit of bullying the student by giving impossible quizes, well.. But all in all, it is interesting. Don’t know whether I managed to beat this one, but I was pretty confident. This subject studies about electronic circuits that operate in the Gigahertz range where voltage got reflected, VSWR becomes important, filters are created, and you can actually replace inductors and capacitors by placing some metal strip on the PCB. wheeeee

3. Communication data network. Well, not much about this one. Instead of studying about ‘what’ in the data network, I learned about ‘why’. Oh and lotsa bullying from one of cisco’s talent finder. LOTS OF IT.

4. Communication System 2. Ehh, this one is… weird. Apparently, most of the thing taught does not exist in textbooks, so you’d better start taking notes if you’re taking this one. Good thing the proportion of the score is pretty nice, where homeworks account for 20% of the total score. Pretty much about digital communication system, where you’re supposed to calculate the necessary energy and BER for different modulation scheme. Oh and there’s this thing called PLL, too, screw that.

5. Optical Communication System. See last post. Screw this one, I’m not going to touch optical system again for a while.

6. Teletraffic Engineering. Weeeelll, actuallyyyyy, I don’t really get this one since I only studied how to work on ecercise problems. Uhhh, you study about server utilization, probability that calls/packets are dropped, probability of queueing for systems with buffer, and how to ask insignificant questions during classes just to raise your score. You only study for 1 hour per week, 1 hour for some question and answers, and 1 hour for quiz. Oh and you’re actually supposed to work together with your friend during quizzes, so uhm…

7. Entrepreneurship. More like how to run business the underworld style – a lecture on how to bribe officials, win auctions with cheap prices, facts about how your ethnicity decides whether you’ll be successful or not and other practical stuffs

6. Lab. Weeeeelll, lab twice a week isn’t actually that bad, and since I know most of the assistants it’s pretty fun. Oh but lab reports are such a pain in the a$$. There are teletraffic engineering, optical communication system for the telematics – oh and don’t get your hopes up since you only do simulations for optical communication – and then there’s telecommunication electronics, communications system 2, and antennas for the radar and microwave lab. Wait a minute, that means all of the subjects have their own lab? Hoo i just realized that -_-

Well, all that’s left is to wait for the GPA to come out just like when you’re waiting for the result when you cast a die. Wish me luck this semester


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