It’s mid-May and it’s still raining

Well actually I’m not gonna rant about the climate change which caused it to rain in the middle of the May in this post – but what the hell, why does it still goddamn rain in the middle of May? Ackkkk.

Okay, actually I’m going to rant about the latest final exam, which is optical communication systems. Well, as an electrical/telecommunication/microwave engineer like me, this subject is like – totally random. I mean, most of the time we were taught with electrical circuit or electromagnetic based subjects, and suddenly we’re supposed to learn a whole new concept in fiber optics.

Well no – not entirely new, I was exaggerating, since some of the concepts such as power budget and semiconductors are already learned from the other subjects, it’s still pretty weird if you ask me.. For example, why the hell am I supposed to find out the average photon lifetime within a laser? I mean, like I only care about how much energy it launches into the fiber, and nothing else. Ack, and there’s even calculations performed when you misaligned two fiber joints.

Well, it’s wrong to complain about fiber optics actually, since it’s actually the future of high speed data communication (but yes, I still object to memorizing an optical fiber’s refractive index profile), although apparently high speed wireless access is also the future.  This is partly why I’m going to the microwave lab for my final project – I just don’t understand those telematics subjects! >_<


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