A new year!

.. well, for me anyways. Guess what, I’m turning 21 today, which means when I encounter one of the ‘you must be over 21 to enter’ confirmation thingy, I can just enter without feeling any guilt! =3=. Oh JK, JK, my birthday’s not that shallow anyways.

Well, most people seem to made up their resolution at the beginning of the year, but as for me I decide to make one right here right now, at the beginning of my new year. Well, after pondering about the meaning of life for a while, here’s mine:

  1. Reach a GPA of 4.0. Well, it sounds crazy with all the demonic lectures in my senior years, but hey, Man Jadda Wajada, right? But even if I fail this one, it’s all right.
  2. Study another foreign language. Either continue Japanese, or study German/French. With German, I might be able to study with this girl who I like take a master degree in Germany, which is a famous destination for an up and coming telecommunication engineer such as myself (I’m planning for microwave instead of network though). But French makes you sound sexier, so I’ll think about this later
  3. Go to Japan. Well, I’ve been offered to participate in a research about wireless communication at Kyushu Institute of Technology. And like any other sane student, of course I accepted it. The confirmation will come in around two weeks, so wish me luck with this one. Delayed study for one year? Meh, gong to Japan for research is worth it.
  4. Play a musical instrument. Hmm, I think every guy should be able to play guitar, so I’ll learn how to play it. Lotsa tutorials in the net. Although I imagine myself playing maksim would be sorta cool heheheh.. (how many years would that take?)
  5. Get a girlfriend Naaahhh, this one would just put another heartache on me. I’ll just wait and see..
  6. Get a google Android phone. With all the hype about the Android operating system and how I see myself as tech savvy, I’m planning to get a Samsung Galaxy Spica, since it’s pretty much the only affordable one for me 😛 – although I’ll abandon this idea completely if they accepted me for the research program in japan. What’s the deal with a country that doesn’t have a GSM network?
  7. Active blogging. Including blogwalking, commenting on other people’s blogs, and promoting this blog. Heck, one of my goal is having 10000 visits here – although I’m pretty sure I can achieve that by posting some controversial stuffs here or translating H-mangas here 😛

Hmm, I think those are the main goals for this year


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