Bump Of Chicken – Diamond

Hahaha, kayaknya blog ini isinya campur-campur banget yah. Berhubung saya suka dengan Bump of Chicken karena lagu-lagunya yang memiliki lirik dengan makna yang dalam – bisa dibilang seperti puisi malah, saya berusaha mencari-cari situs dengan translation lagu yang lengkap. Daaan, akhirnya setelah berkonsultasi lagi dengan mbah google, saya menemukan situs ini yang menydiakan terjemahan yang rasanya lumayan lengkap :D.

Oh dan karena kemaren secara random saya mendengarkan lagu Diamond yang ternyata enak, dan setelah dilihat liriknya cukup dalam dan meaningful, lumayan lah buat diposting di sini . Don’t lose yourself in moving forward šŸ˜‰

Translation Diamond
It doesn’t matter how many times you fall,
take a good look at the skinned wound,
the deep red blood shines, telling you “you’re alive”
it drips down onto the hard concrete,
telling you where you’ve been and how you got here.

It doesn’t matter how often you lose your way,
you can always follow the trail of blood
back to where you came from
You don’t need a destination,
you’ll realize it’s been following you all along.
Because there are many roads we call possibility
extending from this one, though you’ll get lost,
you can go on from any of them.

there’s not just one precious thing, but many
though they’ve decreased in number by quite a bit

there’s only one, only one thing
that you must take within your arms and never let go
the words that your blood screams out to you,
“you are alive”

How long have you been ignoring the voice calling for help?
Look for whoever it is that’s crying stuck to your back.
You spend all your time looking ahead,
that you don’t seem to notice.
The SOS of something clutching to you,
crying for you not to leave it behind.

A familiar voice you feel you’ve heard somewhere before,
somehow precious to you.

You’ve come all this way dropping one thing at a time,
and it’s perfectly alright
to go back over the road you came,
picking them up one by one.

At last we meet,
who are you? Ah, so you must be me….
I hated your weakness and left you here
so long ago.

It doesn’t matter many time you fall,
or how many times you lose your way
there aren’t that many truly precious things.

from here on out, and long before,
there is only one, only one thing
you must take within your arms and never let go
in this world the only irreplaceable thing
is your living self.
the weak parts, the strong parts, the truth is
both are irreplaceable.
so more than anyone or anything,
you must first embrace this.

You don’t have to sing well,
one day when you leave on your journey,
go straight ahead, and take pack this song in your backpack.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma


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