My recent activities

Hi, haven’t written anything for a while, and now I’ve decided to write something in english again. For now, nothing really important has happened in the past few days, except for the weekdays blues, mostly due to fasting, which results in low blood sugar for me! Well, it certainly affects my concentration during class (oh noes).

Anyway, having been accepted into the ITB’s electrical engineering’s student union (abbreviated HME), I’ve decided to participate in an apprenticeship session within HME. I signed up for the profession apprenticeship, mostly due to me being a serious individual (whereas the other apprenticeship area requires a more outgoing individual) and I wanted to enhance my organizational experience in more serious events. Besides, the profession division’s programs are interesting (microcontroller training and sound engineering? wow!).

So, there you have it. Right now, I’m trying to balance out between goofing around at ARC for free internet, PSTK training on Mondays and Saturdays (in case you’re wondering what PSTK is, I’ll give gamelan as a clue), and attending HME’s events. Oh and of course my university’s assignments, which suck >_<. People who read this blog, wish me luck!


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