Double Arts di drop dari WSJ!

Ugh… ya, sekali lagi sebuah serial yang memiliki potensi telah dihapus dari peredarannya di Weekly Shonen Jump, dikarenakan tingkat popularitas yang dianggap tidak cukup untuk membuatnya layak diteruskan. Selain itu, di Onemanga OM rank nya udah mencapai 125. Sebuah angka yang terbilang sangat baik bagi sebuah manga yang usianya baru mencapai 23 chapter.

R.I.P. A fresh manga with a fresh concept

So, in memory of the series, I’ll write a short synopsis about it.

Author: Komi Naoshi
Set in a fantasy world, a deadly disease called Troy has spread all over the world. This is a deadly disease that spread via skin contact, where people who are infected by it will simply disappear when the disease has reached a certain stage. Only a few people capable of healing the disease, called ” sisters”, are immune to it. However, the healing process is actually rather a disease transfer process, where the sisters removes Troy from the infected person and transfer it into their body, thus shortening their life span.

Elraine, a sister travelling the world to cure people who are inflicted with this disease, had just finished treating another patient, when suddenly she had a seizure which indicates the end of her lifespan due to troy. Nearly at the end of her life, a boy named Kili suddenly came and held her hand. Miraculously, Elraine’s seizure stopped, and the boy wasn’t inflicted with the disease. So, in order for Eraine to survive, she must keep on holding Kili’s hand 24/7.

A great manga with a fresh plot and great action scene, packed with a nice sense of humor IMO. Too bad it has to end… Maybe japanese kids only one some “OMG power-up mindless pwnage?”


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